Artist's Statement

I try to match my themes with mediums and techniques -- and I do work in many mediums, from acrylic paintings to digital collage/mixed media/original poetry to fine intaglio prints. My smallest works are 3" diameter drypoint portraits. My largest are 4'x 8' shaped acrylic paintings on symbolic themes such as "Hubris vs. The Spirit of Global Peace", "Chrysallis of the Universe" and "Venus Arises". Mid-size are the mixed media series "Some Peaceable Kingdom", an ecological plea for the survival of many animal and bird species (with an ironic reference to the early American painter John Hicks). Also mid-size are many en plein air watercolors done in my beloved San Francisco Bay Area as well as around the world in many countries. My diptychs and triptychs usually show the transformation of places and creatures by TIME: animals, birds and people enter and leave, as hours and seasons change. My round paintings, utilizing acrylic gels, modelling pastes and iridescent colors, show children in gymnastics, playing musical instruments, with animals, and on-line. Flashing on their computer screens is advice from human sages from Socrates to Martin Luther King. Vertical and horizontal are no longer compositional devices in my round work: instead, wedges of musical scores and original poetry appear as collage. In 1971 I was one of the first printmakers to utilize the computer in my "Ancient Cities" series, digital etching and monotype. For 30 years it has been a tool for image metamorphosis and text integration. Many new works use the PRISM in a manner that embraces life: it has a universality of its own, and can be rendered in translucent washes over, under or through forms.

In our new Millenium, the World is faced with gigantic problems: war/peace; hunger; overpopulation; pollution; loss of wildlife; etc., etc. At the same time we have the CHALLENGE of Global Survival. It seems to me that art and artists must take a major role in presenting images for this New Reality. I find that the best way to present investigative and curative ideas is through Symbolism. The Egyptians, Greeks, Gothic, Renaissance, African, Native American artists developed Symbolic Art --- why not ourselves?