Under Destruction

     I am in the process of replacing the existing main menu with a new WordPress version.

        To get to the old website, type: http//www.eskimo.com/old.php

        To get to webmail type: http://www.eskimo.com/mail

     As work progresses, first you will see the main menu items that will take you to various sections appear. [Done]

     Then you will see the old drop-down menu items appear and normal functionality return, except now everything is mobile friendly with the exception of some of the web applications, and a fix for that is in the works also. [Done]

     The PHP hit counter will get ported to the new WordPress front page. [Done]

     You will see some minor tweaks such as the header images changing. [Done]

     Lastly you will finally see colors return to the menu.[Difficulty with CSS Selectors]

2,535,293 visitors, 45 today.

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